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Today we are going to explain in detail how to evolve Tentacool as this is an interesting creature from Pokemon Isle of Armor

Why evolve to Tentacool in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

Because it is necessary to be able to complete our Pokédex because even though this creature probably does not become a favorite, it is simply necessary, because it is a first generation Pokémon, so it is necessary to know how to evolve Tentacool and above all to know where to get it.

How to find a Tentacool in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

It is necessary to keep in mind that Tentacool is the pre-evolution of Tentacruel. Now, this is a creature with the possibility of appearing in all kinds of time which represents at least 30 percent, being a considerable number, in addition to being able to be obtained, it will be in all places where water can exist.

These are the areas where we can get Tentacool.

  • The Fields of Honor.
  • Loop Lake.
  • The Cave of Courage.
  • The Challenge Beach.
  • The Loop Lagoon.
  • All the places where there are seas and islands.

How to evolve to Tentacool in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

In order for Tentacruel to evolve to Tentacool it is necessary that it reaches the minimum level 30, then after them are all the tentacruel abilities to organize making it a Water / Poison type Pokémon, having some interesting movements that can easily be placed above from other water creatures, such as:

  • It features the Quick Spin which is a normal type movement capable of clearing dangers and repressing Leech Seed effects.
  • We can make it an extremely deadly Pokémon when we manage to combine poison-type movements, toxic spikes, and ice-type movements.
  • It has poison to achieve damage for a long time or at least until a poison-type creature absorbs it, although it is possible until our opponent makes a cleaning move.
  • It has the Scald that is nothing more than a basic damage movement to which it is possible to incorporate toxic spikes reaching a high percentage of burning our opponent.

Definitely knowing how to evolve Tentacool allows us to understand that it will be an opponent that we will need to take care of while we are in Pokemon Isle of Armor.

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