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Discover the secrets of How to make TMs in Pokemon Indigo Disk with our comprehensive guide.

How to Make TMs in Pokemon Indigo DiskWelcome to the world of Pokemon Indigo Disk, where you get to explore the vast and magical land of Terarium. In this exciting new DLC, crafting TMs is easier than ever before. In this blog post, we will take you through the process of making TMs in Pokemon Indigo Disk, step by step.

How to make TMs in Pokemon Indigo Disk

Crafting TMs is an exciting part of the Pokemon experience, and in Pokemon Indigo Disk, it’s no different. With the help of a machine, players can craft new TMs and teach their favorite moves to their Pokemon. Just like in the main game, the process is simple and fun.

 Registering at Blueberry Academy

To access the Terarium, players need to register at Blueberry Academy. This academy is the gateway to the Terarium and is where you can learn how to craft TMs. Once you register, you will be taken on a tour of the Terarium, where you will learn about the different locations and items available.

 Finding the TM Machine

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The TM machine is located at the Central Plaza in the Terarium. This is where you can interact with the machine and open a list of available TMs. The machine is easy to use, and you can browse through the list of TMs available and choose the one you want to craft.

 Gathering Materials

To craft TMs, you need to gather materials. These materials are scattered throughout the Terarium, and you need to collect them by exploring different locations. Some materials are rare, and you need to search for them more diligently. The best way to gather materials efficiently is to explore the different locations and interact with different objects.

Crafting New TMs

Once you have gathered the required materials, you can use the TM machine to craft new TMs. The process is simple; select the TM you want to craft, and then select the materials you have gathered. The machine will then create a new TM, which you can use to teach your Pokemon a new move. You can craft multiple copies of the same TM, allowing you to teach the same move to multiple Pokemon.

Crafting TMs in Pokemon Indigo Disk is a fun and exciting feature that allows you to teach your Pokemon new moves. With the help of the TM machine, you can craft new TMs and explore the different moves available. We hope this blog post has been helpful in guiding you through the process of making TMs in Pokemon Indigo Disk. We encourage you to try out this feature and experiment with different moves for your team members. Happy crafting!

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