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Today we present for you a Clash of Clans guide where we will explain exactly how to get free gems.

What are gems in Clash of Clans?

Before we know how to obtain free gems we need to know what they are, and that is that they are simply a prize coin, which has many characteristics, because, it can help us recruit more builders for our people so that we have more time to dedicate ourselves to others occupations in Clash of Clans, because the idea to have these coins with us is to finish the buildings or simply buy everything since we must direct our town, because they allow us to accelerate the completion of anything and this if it is truly feasible.

These gems have variations when buying them, because they can be purchased with real money in a store which could be said to be simpler because we would skip some amount of activities, but there is also the possibility that they are free, in fact that is Our goal here to explain how to get free gems.
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How to get free gems by removing obstacles in Clash of Clans?

Obtaining the gems is a moderately difficult task but with help we can make it simple, because removing the obstacles turns out to be necessary to reach them, especially because they contain enough and we must do our best to have them with us.

Obstacles tend to have hidden gems, since not all of them have but if they occur periodically, as well as in some construction bases of the village and this is where it becomes somewhat complex because we will have to make use of a vacancy in order to move them, since the obstacles themselves are elements that do not move because they can be quite strong, the good thing about all this is that if we want enough free gems the ideal is to move through the obstacles of this game.

How to get free gems by selling magic items in Clash of Clans?

Magic objects can be interesting long-term options, but we don't always expect much, since they can be won in games and events, because these are really easier ways, the important thing here is to stay active.

The magical objects have great utility on these sides because they can be very useful especially when we participate in the Clan War, because with these objects we can reach victory above all while we buy potions and help our people, since It is necessary to increase the speed of work and generation of resources.

How to get free gems through achievements in Clash of Clans?

The game has a considerable amount of achievements, and they are arriving little by little while we complete some single player missions, unlocking some traps, stealing gold or elixir that other players have, updating and improving the buildings, so that there are Various ways to do it.

Gems require that we give conscious use, it is also important to be clear that achievements are the best method to achieve them since this includes experience based on the fact that each achievement has 3 levels.

How to get free gems through the events in Clash of Clans?

Each event that we usually carry out usually has rewards and these gems are usually less frequent but a sure way to get valuable items, organizing the events especially those that have advantages, thus allowing to obtain cost of the added troops and extras thus implying the challenges of the events that allow obtaining as many gems as possible.

Why do Google rewards say in Clash of Clans?

This is generally feasible in countries where there is the possibility of participating in the Google Rewards program for Android players, as this application allows you to participate in surveys and answer them as many times as we can, as they are usually incorporated into Google Play.

Well, this really is not as such a method but if an alternative to get the gems for free, the good thing is that they do not require personal information, because the rewards obtained here allow us to access the gems without having to use real money and so the important thing to know How to get free gems

Now that you know how to obtain free gems, it is only a matter of making use of the necessary methods and that means mobilizing through Clash of Clans.

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