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Guide to learn how to play in full screen in Phantasy Star Online 2

  Phantasy Star Online 2 has come to the PC for those who have access to the Microsoft store. You can download it right now and jump directly to the MMO.

If you have been playing for sure, they have noticed that the game does not place in full screen, but do not worry, with this guide we will teach you how to fix it.
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How to play Phantasy Star Online 2 in full screen?

To fix the full screen you will have to access the game settings to modify these default options. You will be able to do all this before loading the game.

This part is very simple because you only have to enter the game launcher, go to the Environment settings option. You will have several options to choose from: simple, screen, graphics, sounds and functions. The option you should visit are the display options.

With this done you will have your game configured so that you automatically enter windowed mode. You want to go to virtual full screen mode, which is directly below it.

In case you are one of those players who use more than one monitor, you can choose what the game goes to when it launches. All you have to do is select the save settings option and then load the game.

If you want to reset any of the changes you have made in the game, you can go back to the launcher and reset, you need to click on the Initialize option, which resets everything to its default options.

 With all this said of How to play in full screen in Phantasy Star Online 2 your experience in this game will be incredible and without (possible) restrictions.

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