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Today we bring you a Bloodborne guide, in order to guide you as to where to find the Ring of Betrothal.

 We are in the presence of Bloodborne, a game that was developed in March 2015 by From Software, where the purpose is to eradicate a plague that keeps the various infected players in suspense throughout the city, looking for how to cure is wrong we have to pass for many challenges, but this time we want to stop for a moment to know where to find the Ring of Betrothal and the details that will help us are in the following content of this guide.

What to know about the Ring of Betrothal at Bloodborne?

At this point of the game it is necessary that the battles stop, for the search of a happily ever after, it is a tradition that has the name of an Ring of Betrothal, in order to propose to Annalize, the queen of the Vileblooda, what We will be able to find out more about the connections of outstanding people, now in answers to where to find the Ring of Betrothal, if we continue reading the next content.
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Where to find Ring of Betrothal in Bloodborne?

When we meet at the beginning of this game, we have to get to the fourth ritual altar, where it is necessary for us to teleport to the hunter in layer two, arriving in a corridor to our right, arriving in this way at the location of a giant rock that we have to hit, going up this to reach an elevator, which must be activated, so that it goes up, reaching a tunnel with broken bars, when we get further down, we come across some stairs that there are to go up, turning to the Right after this, we find a door with a torch mounted next to it, we must enter and go through a hole, we turn left to reach a room with many bodies and a giant rat, on the right is a coffin where the ring will be , when we obtain it we see that it has a description that says at the time of marriage it was a blood contract, this being allowed for those who would have a special child, then we have to locate the re ina Annalize and we choose the option to propose to her, otherwise the ring is useless in the game.

 Finally, now that we know where to find the Ring of Betrothal, we can move on to Bloodborne.

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