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Persona 5 Strikers allows us to do many activities, and today we will tell you how to leave dungeons.

Why get out of the dungeons in Persona 5 Strikers?

Here we have that the dungeons will turn out to be prisons, certainly we must explore them, and we will come to find areas of large spaces, but these will be contained, to progress you have to solve some puzzles and in this way it is necessary to understand How to leave dungeons For those situations in which we need to resupply ourselves with supplies and even perform some necessary functions, only this depends on the control points or returning to the entrance of the dungeon, the details that will clarify these doubts will be presented in the following content of this guide , let's see.

How to leave dungeons in Persona 5 Strikers?

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Once we have solved a puzzle it is possible to have access to the control points or to be in progress to a key place that affects the story, through interaction with these we can see that they work in the same way to get out of the dungeon and then returning to real life, when we are at the entrance we can access by interacting with the control point to visit the velvet room so that we can merge people or leave this place completely, having access to resupply ourselves with the necessary resources to survival, with this edition there is no penalty for making an abandonment, so we can go out and do many things before returning to progress through the dungeons.

 In general terms, knowing How to leave dungeons offers us the opportunity to fight and mobilize in Persona 5 Strikers without much difficulty.

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