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We have made a guide where we will explain how to fuse Siegfried with Endure in Persona 3 Reload.

What to know about fusing Siegfried with Endure in Persona 3 Reload?

One of the recurring tasks that we will find are fusion requests, where we are assigned the task of combining a particular Persona with a specific ability. These requests serve as a means to delve deeper into the fusion system and learn how to effectively transfer powerful abilities to unlock the full potential of future Personas.

How to fuse Siegfried with Endure in Persona 3 Reload?

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Elizabeth Request's return in Persona 3 Reload serves as a fascinating addition, providing intriguing side quests for us to complete. These requests can be made at any time, whether in the mundane realm of daylight or the enigmatic realm of the Dark Hour. Additionally, many requests are unique to the Dark Hour, adding a sense of mystery and urgency to the quests.

Fulfilling Elizabeth's Request 71 involves fusing Siegfried with the Endure ability, but we must first fulfill the initial five fusion requests before this particular one becomes accessible. Achieving a Siegfried with Endure can be achieved in two ways.

The first approach is to level up a Star Arcana Ganesha until we reach level 55, at which point we will learn Endure. Then fusing it with a Rangda from the Magician's Arcana will produce a Siegfried, provided we are above level 54 or have the Sun Major Arcana card active in Tartarus within five lower levels.

Another option on How to fuse Siegfried with Endure in Persona 3 Reload is to obtain a Hecatoncheires of the Strength Arcana and level it up to 48, where we will acquire Endure, before fusing it with a Shiki-Ouji. This method uses lower level Personas in the fusion process, but the player still needs to be a high enough level to fuse a Siegfried. Depending on the Personas in the player's Compendium, either method may be a viable option. Should you possess an Endure skill card, either focus can be completed without having to level up one of the base Personas and teach Siegfried Endure directly.

Elevations for Elizabeth's 71st Petition

Siegfried in solitude represents a formidable gratification for the fulfillment of this request. As a member of the Force Arcana, it is ideal to have a high level of Yuko's social link so that we can quickly level up Siegfried and acquire our heart item, Nibelung Ore, even earlier at level 60. The gift given by Elizabeth for This request is the Sky Sundress outfit for Aigis, the same outfit she adorned on the beach during the first meeting. This suit serves solely as a visual enhancement, with a piece of armor also equipped to determine our defensive capabilities in battle.

Now that you know how to fuse Siegfried with Endure in Persona 3 Reload, you can follow the steps indicated and thus unlock all the potential in the future.

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