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Patapon 2: How to Unlock All Classes - Tips and tricks

2020-02-04 13:44:31

Knowing how to unlock all classes are necessary elements in Patapon 2, we will explain the details of how to get it.

  Finally Patapon 2 has arrived and with it an important remastering that evidences the changes in image in a decade and we find some important elements, because this strategy game allows us to form a whole Patapon 2 army necessary since this will help us to know How to unlock all classes

How to unlock all classes through the evolution map in Patapon 2?

The evolution map is presented to us with many patapon that we can unlock, which represents to a certain extent a resemblance to the skill tree, because this game allows us to progress little by little by first unlocking Kibapon, then Pyopyo, that we are presented with something complex, we follow our progress to continue with the Rarepons, the detail here is to unlock them in order to get more stages in Patapon 2

 How to unlock all Yaripon classes in Patapon 2?

  •  Pyopyo: to unlock it it is necessary to evolve the Yaripons is skillful, fast and with certain characteristics similar to those of rabbit.
  • The sabers: they are unlocked when the Yaripons evolve, as they are critical state caps, since it is clear that knowing how to unlock all classes is a complex task.
  • The Yaripones: this is the first type that players access when starting Patapon 2, as we get acquainted from the beginning and are spear throwing elements.
  • The Toripon: this is unlocked by completing the evolution of the Sabara to Pyopyo and is a bird that uses javelins to attack.

How to unlock all classes in the memories of the Patapon 2 game?

 The following list of patapones requires two elements, on the one hand the evolution map and on the other hand to unlock them with the corresponding memories in the game and they are:


  •  Buhyokko
  • Chiku
  • Chigyobi
  • Fumya
  • Fumy
  • Koppen
  • Menyokki
  • Nyontama
  • Pyopy
  • Sabara
  • Uhoho


How to unlock all Tatepons classes in Patapon 2?


  •  Wanda: It is a patapon that unlocks when evolving any species of Tatepon and has a great resemblance to a dog.
  • Kanokko: to unlock it only requires evolving any Tatepon, its resemblance is that of a deer, which uses spears to attack.
  • Tatepon: This is a patapon that we acquire when we pass the level Exploring the Juju jungle and it functions as the main melee unit.
  • Robopon: to unlock this patapon when we get the full evolution of Tetapon to Kanokko and has to cause attacks with its huge robotic arms.
  • Dekapon: We unlock this patapon when Tatepons evolves to Wanda is a stick patapon that is in Patapon 2


How to unlock all Yumipons classes in Patapon 2?

  •  Yumipon: to get them it is necessary to clear the Karmen Usso Forest Fortress, and they are arch-shaped patapones.
  • Megapon: to unlock it it is necessary to complete the evolution of Yumipon to Menyoki, it tends to carry large instruments, being unique in its style.
  • Mahopon: to unlock it requires the evolution of Yumipon to Mahopon, this is a magician.
  • Menyoki: we unlock him by developing a Yumipon and he has a similar resemblance to having the best staggering rate.
  • Koppen: to unlock it you need to evolve a Yumipon and it looks like a penguin.


 It is good to know that this game had been expected for a long time ago, so this is an excellent opportunity for fans and their phenomenal memories, it is also planned that the remastering come alive on the PS5, as Sony has made clear two elements , the first to offer innovative and background software allows us to remember the past, allowing us to relive the pleasant memories of our childhood.

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