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With our Paper Mario The Origami King guide you will learn more about How to get into the Yard to save the Handsome Shy.

What to know about Paper Mario The Origami King?

  We will find a series of objectives to complete if we want to progress, as we do we will find many new functions, due to some situations one of our objectives will lead us to want to know how to eget into the Yard to save the Handsome Shy, taking into account the existence of several of them, once we rescued the shy red we will be informed that we must find another, the handsome shy boy, which we can find at the entrance of the sewers, the details that will be presented from now on will help us To complete this objective, let's see where it leads us.

How to get into the Yard to save the Handsome Shy in Paper Mario The Origami King?

Next to the patio we have a house, which we will seek access because the shy boy is trapped in the patio, we are going to enter the mentioned house, which will place us in a main room, while on our right We will notice some drawers which with our hammer we have to hit, in this way we managed to create a platform that will give us access by jumping to reach the patio, then we managed to enter the area by hitting the window that is above the drawers and that will be all to access and save the handsome shy boy.

  So we finished our guide on How toget into the Yard to save the Handsome Shy hoping that you can get the most out of Paper Mario The Origami King, a very busy game.

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