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Find out how to disable Cross-Play in this excellent and explanatory Overwatch guide.

What to know about Cross-Play in Overwatch?

It is a game option that allows us to play with players who are on other platforms, in the beginning it was only possible between Xbox and PC, but from now on it is possible to cross between platforms, managing to play with other players regardless of the What platform are or are, this launch is of great interest so it is ideal that we know how to disable Cross-Play for those of us who are not interested in this function, then let's see the following details.

How to disable Cross-Play in Overwatch?

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    Although if this function will attract many people, we who are on PC do not agree very much, we will possibly become uncomfortable due to the imbalance in playing Overwatch with a mouse and keyboard, then that is why we would be willing to See How to disable Cross-Play, then for this we must bear in mind that this function is apparently activated automatically by default, but we can deactivate it through the game menu or in the system configuration of our console, highlighting that Those of us who are on PC cannot choose this function, it means that the option to deactivate it is not available to those of us who are on PC, others if we can do it through the game menu.

    To disable Cross-Play we will go to the system configuration, in our Xbox control we press open the guide to go to the profile and system to configure the account, we choose privacy and online security, Xbox privacy to see the details and customize In communication and multiplayer, here are several options that will help us in terms of how to disable Cross-Play we have that we can play with people who are not related to Xbox Live, making Overwatch can be played between networks, it is important to note that the increase in waiting times when disabling this function, because we will be limited to those who are on the same platform who have not also wanted to enter.

     Finally, now that we know how to disable Cross-Play we can make our own decision whether or not to continue with this function in Overwatch.

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