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Lidia Rozo
2021-04-06 05:11:45

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Outriders has arrived to take care of us and this allows us to talk to you about How to fix the free market door error

What is the free market gate error in Outriders?

We continue talking about failures, because the recent launch of Outriders has brought some inconveniences, since we find issues related to stuttering, others with problems to log in or simply the crashed servers, since the influx it has achieved has been considerable, however, Knowing how to repair the error of the free market door involves us in a bug for which there is a very simple solution and that if we look closely it can be useful for other errors that we have recently encountered, so pay attention because it does not exist a lot of complexity.

How to fix free market gate error in Outriders?

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Sometimes we get solutions that are simple enough to execute that seem unnoticed, for this it is necessary to consider:

  • Choose to leave the area, and return to carry out a secondary mission, although there is the possibility of mobilizing to the camp and returning, as this allows us to lift the boxes and that's it.

  • It is possible to choose to go back to the last checkpoint or point in the story and choose to carry out the entire process, a solution for this and other bugs that we usually get in this game.

  • Choosing to restart the game is an effective solution to solve this failure, and it will not be the only one that will work, as there are other errors related to missions to which it is possible to apply this solution.

Now that you know how to fix the free market door error, it is time to apply one of these solutions and continue enjoying everything that Outriders has for us.

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