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Do you want to know how to disable motion blur in Outriders? Don't worry, because here we have everything covered for you.

What is motion blur in Outriders?

It is an important part in the game's realistic graphics that mimics real life. But sometimes this represents a strong obstacle when playing, so having it turned off will allow you to increase frame rates and have a more fluid gaming experience.
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    How to disable motion blur in Outriders?

    This option cannot be completely turned off on consoles, but you can reduce it to its minimum setting by going to the settings menu> Display> access the quality of the post process and take it to the lowest level.

    But keep in mind that this will reduce other post-processing effects as well.

      That's everything you need to know about how to disable motion blur in Outriders, we hope our guide was as helpful as possible and you managed to improve game performance on your console.