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Enter the universe of Outriders, where we will explain how to beat Molten Acari.

Who is Molten Acari in Outriders?

This is the first boss to represent a great obstacle, that when facing it several stages of combat are presented and if we are not properly prepared we will have a bad time with their attacks, it is important to have our weapons and armor of greater power equipped, for defense and attack at the maximum level, then to get an idea of How to beat Molten Acari we will go into details with greater precision below.
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    How to beat Molten Acari in Outriders?


    •  Stage 1: despite being the beginning of this fight in Outriders, from the beginning this molten spider is a danger, its attacks end up marking the ground, which will make us in a certain way know that we should not position ourselves where said marks are , it is necessary that to dodge we use the sprint, in turn to solve How to beat Molten Acari, we have that his abdomen has some scales that can break, you just have to cause damage in this location of the spider's body, which will allow to expose your skin and will become a weak point to do considerable damage.
    • Stage 2: here we will see how he begins to throw things at us while he keeps running around, now other spiders appear to face us, while at this stage we will see that in Outriders the boss will appear at certain times to spray its lava in the area, noting that now the marks are very light, more than normal and this we cannot let go of, it is important to carefully visualize the ground when the boss makes this movement, because it can leave us with very low health If we fall into this trap, to harm him in this stage we will do the same as the previous stage, we focus on his abdomen until we enter the next stage.
    • Final stage: here we find a reduction in the size of the spider, which will bring the boss to the center like a tentacle, but we only have to worry about an attack, which consists of marking the ground and turning by shooting lava in different directions, It is necessary that to avoid it we run in the same direction as this, but avoiding in turn being caught, because it will quickly take away our health, what we will do in terms of How to beat Molten Acari is to continue attacking until he is dead, considering Again to the other spiders that will appear, for these we must be attentive to the map to eliminate them, which will finally end with our victory.

     This is how we finalize our guide on How to beat Molten Acari, we hope you can get the best out of Outriders, a very busy game.

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