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XERA: Survival: Tips and tricks.

2019-05-28 20:25:00

Always try to have canned foods like soups and beans in XERA: Survival, these will help to shovel and eliminate your hunger and thirst levels.

Models And robots, these will be executed after your first hand-to-hand combat, when it's executed, it'll follow you and ignore everyone around you until you kill yourself or watch you die. They've armor and camouflage of beige combinations.

Z models, these are explosive and suicidal robots, in addition, they've bright orange lines of the signature, and almost completely orange shielding. They immolate themselves once they're close to you or you die, their explosion radius is not very large, but they can kill the robots that are nearby too.

Xera: survival - Good Start

Model X, located in the military base of Nator, is a fast and strong robot, making it a very considerable threat. The robot will take several magazines from most of the weapons to shoot down, and it seems to have good drops of loot, like AK47 rifles. It's a big robot, with silver armor and the green lights of the face.

No matter if it's a normal robot, or an explosive one, if you shoot two shots at the head of a robot and get hit you can finish them right away, with five or seven shots in the leg can make it limp.

Take care of the jumps of normal robots, they can jump quite high and put you in danger,

The robots will not attack your drones if you fly near them.

Dying while you are in progress to your next level will cause an amount of EXP to be drained from your bar upon reappearing / dying.