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Warframe: How to get Primed Mods

2019-10-22 20:08:39

This is How to get Primed Mods in Warframe. Find out all the details here.

 Warframe now has improved mods that allow you to create your compilations giving additional benefits to make you more powerful.  However, you only have the option to equip a standard mod or the Primed version. If you want to know more details about it, then read on.

How to get Primed Mods in Warframe?

First of all you should know what the origin of these mods is. Their origin comes from the vacuum trader, Baro Ki'Teer, appearing every two weeks on any of the public relays. It is worth mentioning that each and every one of these modifications have their own cost of credits and ducats, changing their stock every week.

However, there is no guarantee that such mods will be available in stock, as they will be limited to three or fewer different Mods. Although it is also true that there is a small selection of them that you can get as login rewards, for example: Fury prepared: 200 days; Shredded prepared: 600 days or Primed Sure Footed: 900 days.

Practice trading with other players and get Primed Mods

The game allows you to exchange these Mods, as long as they are not any of the four you get as login rewards.  You should know that they have a quite high trade tax, about 1 million credits, so they are very expensive to buy.

If your rank is completely classified, it can have an approximate cost of 600 Platinum, everything will depend on the type of Mod.

How to get Platinum?

Buy a series of copies of the same Baro Mod, to sell to other players in exchange for Platinum.

Basically this is all you should know about getting Primed Mods in Warframe. We hope this information has been to your liking. We also invite you to stay tuned to our site for more publications like this one.

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