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Void Bastards: How to find first aid items and heal

2019-05-29 21:17:10

First aid is an important element in Void Bastards, find out how to find them here.

Void Bastards for being a strategic shooter takes certain elements as vital to survive, including food, health and the ability to heal. The latter turns out to be key, since it can make the difference between escaping from a ship with all the loot collected or losing everything. Despite being a skill that you learn as you progress through the game, there are some ways to help keep your client alive. If you want to know what they are, keep reading.

18 Minutes of Void Bastards (FTL Meets System Shock Strategy-Shooter) -

How to heal in Void Bastards?

There are two ways to heal in Void Bastards, rest and use health stations. The main way to cure your client is by resting or traveling. If you choose to rest, you will only consume one food and heal a certain amount of health. It will also heal every time it jumps to a new location in the nebula, as long as it has food. Rest and travel is the only way to consume food, for this reason it is very important to know where to find food in Void Bastards.

As for the health stations, these are usually very rare and can only be found on specific XONNOX style boats. These ships usually have medical theaters that include health stations. Once you are inside one, you should look for rooms with a healing station. When you find it for the first time, they offer you a single free healing. When you spend it, you must use merits to use it again.

The bad news is that there are no other first aid elements that are able to activate from your inventory. This means that death can sometimes be inevitable. Although there is also a device that can unlock the life of your client. This device is known as a heart starter.

Heart Starters is an item that can only be used once for each client that receives it in their care package, provided that they have the Heart Starter tool created. Although you can also update the Heart Starter so you can carry more loads at once. This assures the client that he can use it for a longer time, which allows him to save more merits. This can increase the life points of your client through updates.

The padded jacket adds hundreds of health points and each update after adding more, this being a great way to improve your survival in Void Bastards.

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