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Void Bastards Guide: How to get more bullets

2019-05-29 19:21:02

Getting more bullets in Void Bastard is something very important, even it is something obvious at the same time, without bullets your weapons do not fire.

And taking into account that when you start Void Bastard the only method of defense is to shoot with your gun, then you will need and want to know how to get more bullets to not run out of them.

And in case this happens to you or you simply want to replenish your arsenal of bullets more, this guide will be very useful for you.

We have been looking for and testing the ways to get bullets in Void Bastard and we have prepared a list with several of them.

So, how do I get more bullets in Void Bastard.

18 Minutes of Void Bastards (FTL Meets System Shock Strategy-Shooter) - 

How do I get more bullets in Void Bastard.

One of the ways to get more bullets in Void Bastard is by unlocking new items from the work table, this will increase your chance of getting them.

Another way is to find random bullets on ships along the nebula. Andes of destroying a ship make sure first of all to check the type of items that are inside, use the star map for this by clicking on a ship on the line and look under "Features" in the upper right panel. Surely you can find bullets in any boat where they are on the list.

Creating the Bullet Hunter while on ships also increases your chances of getting more ammo in the Hab modules. These are almost always bright items that you can see on the ground and not on the mini map.

You can also collect munitions from the star map. You have to bear in mind that not all the links of the star map are ships, many of them are food, fuel, bullets and more, what you will have to do is to open these boxes until you find ammunition.

When you rehydrate a new client this will give you a package of supplies as a thank you, inside you can find some bullets, the issue is that they are for random weapons, but after all, bullets are bullets. In addition, if you create the ammunition allowance you can increase the number of bullets you receive from customers by up to 50%.

And the last way we're going to recommend you to get more bullets in Void Bastards is simply to avoid spending them recklessly. Many times when we explore a ship we spend ridiculously large quantities unnecessarily and that these bullets could also be really useful at some point.

From battle to avoid spending bullets, then avoid it.

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