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Today we bring you a Valorant guide where we explain how to turn off Vanguard anti-cheat software.

What does it mean to disable Vanguard anti-cheat software in Valorant?

It is good to know that this software has the ability to find out what may become possible traps, in this sense, knowing How to turn off Vanguard anti-cheat software allows us to look for some possible options to disable it, in this sense, it is necessary to have note that it is usually a fairly complex action.

Knowing How to turn off Vanguard anti-cheat software puts us on board first is a kind of review related to this software that has been created to identify possible hackers and cheaters in Valorant, there have even been other predecessors that have been classified as intrusive, and In this sense, the developers have even managed to get a kind of statement where they say "Both the client and the Riot Vanguard controller have been developed internally, giving priority to the security of the game and the personal computer. We have made this commitment through tests comprehensive and reviewing the product both internally and with external security reviews conducted by industry experts. "

It is evident that the Vanguard software is usually shown as a main component in Valorant, in addition it has to be active only our device when the game is running, which should not be classified as an intruder, however, some players are still interested in knowing how to turn off Vanguard anti-cheat software because it may not trust them enough.

The driver of this device is usually active from the start of Valorant which usually keeps the security issue in suspense in the case of some users, this because some anti-cheat software that has been applied for some games simply tend to be used for other purposes generating a background that really leaves much to be desired.

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    How to turn off Vanguard anti-cheat software in Valorant?

    • It is clear that to date Riot Games has been in charge of dispelling all kinds of concerns that may be generated around this software and that is where it is necessary to consider whether Vanguard works, in this sense, there have been some comments where it is possible to read about :
    • The volume of bets appears to be unsustainable in professional matches.
    • Valorant was related to being an anti-cheat game, or at least the developers described it that way, but unfortunately this was not the case.
    • Knowing how to deactivate Vanguard anti-cheat software is a complex task, although we should not underestimate hackers because day after day they tend to develop some type of tool that can go against opponents.
    • Vanguard has been commissioned to be developed so that cheaters cannot take advantage of Valorant.
    • It is clear that to date this game has had a few cheats, leaving some evidence that this software can work.
    • Disabling the Vanguard anti-cheat software opens the door to the possibility that this game can be taken over by some cheaters, this because there is nothing that can be infallible when technology is advancing by leaps and bounds.
    • Since the beginning of the year 2021 Valorant has been attentive to the issue of cheats and have been in charge of developing different mechanics that allow them to be kept at bay, thus preventing them from prospering.

    Now, knowing how to turn off Vanguard anti-cheat software leads us to make it clear that such an action cannot be executed, we can only remove this software if we are not interested in playing for some time, however, uninstalling Valorant will not necessarily get rid of this. Software and in this sense, we must:

    Deactivate Vanguard: this is an action that is usually done by simply clicking the right mouse button on your system tray where it is usually necessary to exit the software and for this we must turn it off and restart the PC.

    Uninstall Vanguard: It is necessary to search for Vanguard and get Add or remove Windows programs and uninstall it, in this sense, it is necessary to find the menu by searching the start menu, in the case of older versions of Windows it is usually necessary to do it through control panel.

    Choose to uninstall Vanguard manually:
    to do so, it will only be enough to use the integrated command prompt by typing "sc delete vgc" and "sc delete vgk". Once we have been able to write these commands, we are allowed to restart the PC and proceed to delete manually into the Riot Vanguard folder.

    This is all we know about how to turn off Vanguard anti-cheat software, so this leads us to think twice if we want to continue enjoying Valorant.

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