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Valorant: Econ Rating Gudie - Tips and tricks

2020-05-06 11:08:23

If your desire is to understand the Econ Rating in Valorant, then you have come to the right place for you to see its explanation.

What is Valorant about?

We are facing a tactical shooter game, from Riot Games that is based on a first-person gameplay, which has penetrated greatly due to its high competition in multiplayer mode, there are several options in which we can access our performance in a specific game, only it will be necessary to understand the Econ Rating, which makes this guide perfect to help us have all the details that we have to know about it.

What is the Econ Rating in Valorant?

Entering the career option found in the main menu, we will be able to access our qualification in a certain game, once we click on the game it will be, the measurement of our performance will be at the bottom of the Summary of the game scene, this rating is calculated as the damage that will have been distributed for every 1000 credentials spent, as long as it has a higher value, it means that greater efficiency was achieved, it is something of great importance .

All this means that those of us with a high rating were able to cause enough damage for every 1000 credentials we spend during a game, on the contrary, if the rating is low, this makes us see our performance according to the money expenses we have. in each game, but keep in mind that without expenses we can also cause great damage, which means that it does not matter if we have the most expensive weapons or objects, only that we are efficient, the opposite is that a low valuation can Being for spending a lot of credentials, if we manage to cause great damage and not support our team, in the evaluation of our performance it does not matter much if we achieve a high or low Econ Rating, this is due to the number of factors that come into play , individuality is something that despite achieving a high score can lead us to lose, sometimes we can have low our qualification But supporting our team to win is the most important thing in our performance.

 We can conclude that knowing Econ Rating is of vital importance, for our progress and fun in Valorant, so following these tips here will lead us to success.

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Riot Games
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