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Them & Us Guide Tips and Tricks

2019-05-21 14:49:40

If what you want isn't to let down so many Zombies, don't worry, our tips and tricks for Them & Us have it all covered.

You really do not need to kill all the zombies of Them & Us, but about half of what we could realize when doing this guide of tips and tricks, the rest you just need to overcome them and move forward.

At the time of making this advice guide we could notice that the healing elements in Them & Us are considerably limited, however, the few that can make an enormous difference as the ointments.

The ointments have enough loads to be combined with other healing elements and increases the healing output of each element in a decent amount.

Them & Us - New Zombie Survival in Resident Evil Style (Them & Us Gameplay)

Zombies of Them & Us

You can get them in the bathroom at the beginning of the game and move them to the Main Hall security room when you can to take advantage of all the healing elements.

Storage space plays an important role, be careful when managing the space of your inventory, keep in mind that you only have 6 slots, avoid filling them with elements that you really will not need. Leave your most important items in a visible place and quick access, we recommend for this case to use the bathroom in the hallway next to the bedroom and the security room in the main room, we tested all the sites and this was what we found more accessible quickly, no matter where you are located.

The speed with which zombies walk can vary randomly, some can be faster than others at some point, but even a quick zombie can walk slowly at times. While others can go slow and out of nowhere, stepping on the accelerator to the maximum.

You can restart the zombies by leaving and entering areas, so if a Zombie becomes difficult to avoid due to an increase in speed and you don't have ammunition to kill it, try to leave the area and return.

Something you can use in your favor is to keep in mind that zombies can appear in different areas, many times if a zombie is blocking your way, it may be that when you turn around and return the zombie is no longer there.

We recommend you don't use knives in the battles of Them & Us, you must take into account that it occupies a complete storage space, try to outwit the zombie instead of initiating a melee that will not help you at all, keep in mind also that zombies sometimes turn into rockets and dodge them can be tricky, so sometimes you just have to shoot and kill a few of them.