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The theme we bring today is about difficult times that we find in The Witcher 3.

Difficult times arise in this game in places that are too specific, because here we can mention the road where we can run a quick trip Miner`s Camp exactly south of this place or just north of Blandare, where we will see the markers midway .

How to locate difficult times in The Witcher 3?

The lateral search is usually carried out when we approach the wagon, once we have eliminated the level 21 cyclops, which is on the road on one side inside a car, this is carried out when we travel south towards the city of Blandare , here we can focus on the search area where we can observe the mini-map, and go on research with the objective of carrying out some inspections, following the senses of the Geralt sorcerer.

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    What are the points of interest where difficult times occur in The Witcher 3?

    • Article of the bulleted list. the pool of blood of the human corpse next to the car.
    • The pool of blood of the dead horse next to the car.
    • Traces on the side farthest from the road in front of the road.
    • The blood on the rocks just in front of the tracks.

    How to complete the side search of difficult times in The Witcher 3?

    Once we complete this side search we get 50 XP and 20 crowns.

    It is possible to get 5 Nekkers after taking a short walk, it is necessary to eliminate them before Witcher Sense can be reactivated, as this gives us the way to locate the corpse that is in the middle of the clearing that these adversaries have probably been eating.

    We can move through the search through the area outside the road and get away from the car after examining the tracks, because here we follow the trail of some blood or tracks in the east, making use of the sense of the sorcerer on.

    The blacksmith has to work on the anvil and we must talk with him, he is sitting in a chair, to talk with him we must meditate at least 1 hour a day, because it is to him that we will present Yanne's letter in the cellar after returning from the Kaer Troop. We get this letter after looting a body.

    Thus we close our guide on difficult times in The Witcher 3 hoping to have been clear enough.

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