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The PS5 has 4K and 60FPS, according to information leakage

2019-03-07 19:02:36

New rumors emerge that reveal one of the predominant features of the next Sony PlayStation 5 console. Join us, read on, and discover the arguments below that validate these rumors.
According to an online point of sale, called TheNerdMag, several people are discussing the relevance specifications of the PS5 in the Reddit forums. In such forums, a redditor known as "RuthenicCookie" gave an affirmation that the PS5 will have a resolution of 4K and a rate of 60FPS.

Although it is quite normal for people to have their doubts about "leaks" or "revelations", in this case there are certain details around RuthenicCookie that create an "atmosphere" of credibility, and make it look like a filtering. Here are the arguments:

First, several months ago, the redditor RuthenicCookie gave the claim that Sony is skipping the E3 this year, for several reasons. Also, Sony confirmed that they will omit E3 2019, causing fans to speculate about Sony's progress with the PS5. As a second relevant reason to be taken into account, in a screenshot shown by TheNerdMag, the redutitor RuthenicCookie also predicted, months ago, how "Anthem" will be presented. And for nobody it is a secret that Anthem produced a great disaster that even caused blockades of several units of PlayStation 4; for which, in fact, Sony is issuing refunds to those affected by the problems caused due to Anthem.

So far, such claims have been confirmed, implying that the Redutitor RuthenicCookie can be considered a reliable source of information leaks (as shown today). Below are other statements made by RuthenicCookie.

RuthenicCookie mentioned that the PS5 console will be powered by an eight-core Ryzen CPU. It is still waiting for if this processor will be the Ryzen 7 1800X AMD, this will be seen later. Of what if you can have full security is that it will be enough to run games in 4K and not present problems to run them in 60FPS.

The redditor also made important revelations about the PS5, apart from how powerful it will be, as are possible titles for launch, in addition to its launch price (even more important). Regarding the titles that will be released with the PS5 include the expected "Death Stranding" by Hideo Kojima, "The Last Of Us Part II" by Naughty Dog and a "game of samurai" that is believed to be "Ghost of Tsushima" . As for the price at launch, RuthenicCookie gives the claim that Sony will sell the PS5 for $ 500. While it may seem a high price, comparing it with both the Nintendi Switch and the PlayStation 4, if possible characteristics are taken into account already mentioned that may have, in addition to compatibility with previous versions, batters on the fly and games in the cloud, it can be concluded that it might be worth acquiring the PS5 at that price.