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Team Sonic Racing: Microtransactions - All you need to know

2019-05-21 19:38:54

As of May 21, Team Sonic Racing will finally be available. Along with its release have also emerged a number of questions asked by fans, based on the experience with the previous title Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed. In this sense, everyone has been wondering if there will be DLC or some microtransactions, among other things. For this reason, here in xboxpla.games we collect certain details to give some answers below.

Team Sonic Racing - Team Up Trailer

Microtransactions in Team Sonic Racing

After revealing to the fans that in Team Sonic Racing, the way in which the car parts are going to be obtained as well as the modifications for the vehicles was only for a currency called "credits", certain questions arose as to whether they would have what to expect microtransactions for some small DLCs like the loot boxes, given how aletary i'll turn out to be to get the Credits. However, the possibility of microtransactions was ruled out, since they're not going to be given that the races are the only way to obtain the coins.

DLC in Team Sonic Racing

Given that Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed had large DLC packages, ranging from runners in large numbers to exclusive racers on various platforms, fans wondered if in Team Sonic Racing these large DLC packages could be expected, but He has known that it will not be like that.
Team Sonic Racing will not have DLC as it does not feature preorder races, deluxe editions, or any other DLC. The truth is that SEGA itself does not seem to have planned to extend any DLC for a new title, as expressed by Aaron Webber.

Although among the possibilities may be to consider expansions that include characters, for example, and to be added later in the life of the game, currently there is no official comment in favor. Surely this will depend a lot on how good the acceptance is for Team Sonic Racing.

For now, Team Sonic Racing is only going to be acquired completely without any additional surprise content. Even so, in xboxplay.games we will be pending if SEGA decides to change this.
Before leaving, don't forget to share and leave comments with your doubts, experiences in the game or any other detail you want to tell us.

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