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Super Mario Maker 2: How to make sub area pipes

2019-07-04 23:21:16

The sub areas in Super Mario Maker 2 are totally new areas in which you can enter during a level. However, they require that you establish a link through a sub area distortion pipeline. So if you want to know how to make sub area pipes in Super Mario Maker 2 to create more levels of depth, here we have it covered.

How to make warp sub-area pipes in Super Mario Maker 2?

To make sub-area pipes you will first have to create a warp piping that can be connected to the sub-area at your main level. But how to do it?

To create a warp piping you must open the terrain and construction mode, then select the warp tube from the top bar of icons and place it where you want. Then keep the button A pressed while it is on the tube. Then choose the green arrow to go to the new sub area.

You have the option to choose between a vertical or horizontal sub area, and place the output warp tube to choose where the player arrives. Keep in mind that you can only create one sub area per level.

However, you have the possibility to connect the rooms you want within the sub area. This allows you to produce two levels of interconnection as long as Mario, Luigi or the Toads can access the Warp pipeline in the main world of Super Mario Maker 2. In doing so, they will be transported to the sub area to face any challenge that comes their way.

This way you can make sub area pipes in Super Mario Maker 2.