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Shenmue 3: How to get 50-year-old Lao Jiu wine - tips and tricks

2019-12-14 15:03:30

Discover how to get 50-year-old Lao Jiu wine at Shenmue 3. Here we will show you all the details you need to know.

  At a certain point in the history of Shenmue 3, you will find the mission of obtaining 50-year-old Lao Jiu wine, for this you must have met Master Sun. So to help you complete this task, we have brought a series of tricks that will help you know how to get 50-year-old Lao Jiu wine in Shenmue 3, so check it out.

How to get 50 year old Lao Jiu wine in Shenmue 3?

The first thing you should keep in mind so you know how to get 50-year-old Lao Jiu wine in Shenmue 3 will be to be able to ask Sun about Kung Fu once you cross it, since he will use The Body Check movement on you, but you will not get Let the movement explain to you, at least not yet.

How to get 50-year-old wine Lao Jiu learning the new movement in Shenmue 3?

While trying to rescue Yanxing, you will have to face the thugs in the Hermit's Nest. To do this, you will have the mission of getting a martial arts master with the purpose of learning a new movement and thus beat the thugs. So, you should look for Master Sun again.

In order to get this character out of the tempo, you must bring a bottle of liquor accompanied by a steamed bun, this will be your way of bribing the teacher. As a prerequisite before teaching you the movement, I will ask you to find the 50-year-old wine jug.

To accomplish this task you must enter the Tao-Get store, which is located near the Verdant bridge. Once there, you should talk to Tao, who will tell you that he has a selection of spirits and that you will have to look inside the Lao Jiu store that they asked for.

Then in front of Tao, you should turn to the right and walk to the wall that is directly in front of you. You will notice a small barrel on the floor, which you must open to look for the jar inside and bingo, that will be the 50-year-old wine you are looking for.

How much does Lao Jiu cost?

The cost of Lao Jiu will be 2,000 yuan. The next thing you should do is go back to Tao to talk to him. It will put the Lao Jiu in its inventory, however, you will have to find the Yuan to be able to acquire in Lao Jiu.

How to get 50-year-old Lao Jiu wine with Yuan in Shenmue 3?

The most feasible method to get the Yuan will be through fishing. To do this, you must leave the store and head towards the fishing pond for the purpose of renting fishing equipment.

So go to the town square, turn left at Elder Yeh's house and continue on the straight path. Pass the temple of Man Yuan on your right. After that you will notice Huang's Bait Shop in front of you and the fishing pond on your left.

The next thing will be to rent the 20 yuan post to start with your fishing in the pond. All you have to do is throw your line in the reeds in the center of the pond, this way you will catch a catfish.

You should consider fishing between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., I will grant you up to 475 yuan per day in case you manage to capture something of course.

When you finally get 2,000 yuan, you must return with Tao to buy the 50-year-old wine from its inventory. In doing so, you will have to take it back to the Sun Master, so that it can teach you Body Control. In this way you can eliminate the thugs in the Hermit's Nest and thus end the mission.

 Now that you know how to get 50-year-old Lao Jiu wine in Shenmue 3, it's your turn to put into practice everything you've learned.

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