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Shenmue 3: How to have plenty cash

2019-11-27 10:20:36

You are passionate about money so you came to the right place, because we will teach you how to have a lot of cash in Shenmue 3.

Money plays a fundamental role in practically all games, because with it you can buy countless necessary items, and in Shenmue 3 there are no exceptions, because Ryo also needs to feed, so knowing how to have a lot of cash is vital when we are walking through the village Bailu, then accompany me to see how this goal is achieved.

How to try your luck at the angel and the player in Shenmue 3?

The village Bailu offers us an excellent range of options when it comes to placing bets, one of these options is located in front of the Tao store, there we will find card booths, which require chips, but we can go more towards betting bets money, although the rewards are not so high, possibly not worth it, because here our goal is how to have a lot of cash and these bets are not exactly the best option.

How to have a lot of cash betting on the dice house in Shenmue 3?

Betting with chips is definitely the best option with which we are in Shenmue 3, since we can increase the cash a lot, since the minimum stink with which we are is 1500 chips, to bet it is necessary to press up the betting screen and keep going, to place these bets it is necessary to go to the dice house, there we just have to stand in front of the cabin and save.

if we are not lucky, once this bet is finished we will have to reload the file again and try until we achieve it, but on the other hand if we are lucky we have the possibility of winning up to 3000 chips in a single bet, which would take us for a excellent path in our goal of how to have a lot of cash.

How to have a lot of cash with pawn stars in Shenmue 3?

The stars of Peón are prizes which can be acquired with the chips that we have won in the bets, these are obtained in the pawn shop that is in the center of the town, only it is necessary to take into account that we must leave at least 1500 to to place a bet again, as you will understand we are looking for a lot of money, in that sense another interesting option that is presented to us is to talk with a certain old woman who will talk for us with Meimei about catching a killer of parents, for On the other hand we have the opportunity to make some exchange of capsule games with certain combat scrolls.

On the other hand there are other ways of knowing how to have a lot of cash, and that by changing the chips for crystals, so we hardly have a good amount of chips accumulated by the bets our goal will be to acquire crystals, since some have a value of 2750, which implies a cost of 250 yuan, when we have some of it sun we must go to the pawnshop, and in this way we can sell some of the prizes, because we have high chances of filling our pockets without much effort, for Jan it is necessary Perform this practice from the beginning to avoid running out of money in Shenmue 3

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