2018-12-05 02:28:54

Shrouded Spoils makes Sea of ​​Thieves a more surprising game. In the first months of the game, sailing was fun but predictable, only interrupted by the occasional Kraken attack and the asshole players who were trying to steal the booty. The characters of the giant sharks and the skeleton ships were eventually added but initially contained in certain areas. Shrouded Spoils brings those threats to the rest of the world and gives new tricks to old enemies. There are multiple new types of megalodon and traveling skeletons, and the kraken now has new abilities, such as hitting players against the

In the game of Xbox and PC pirates, the updates have brought new threats and areas.

Shrouded Spoils makes Sea of ​​Thieves a more surprising game

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    The enemies of the game are more dangerous, but every time they are destroyed They offer prizes as booties and give special praises that can be spent on unique equipment, such as gilded cannons or ship hulls encrusted with barnacles. , encounters with enemies For a while they were rare, but Shrouded Spoils makes monster hunting a totally viable activity for players.