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Scenes from video games that perhaps took very far(Part II)

2018-11-27 17:13:49

In video games there is everything, beheadings, explosions, profanities, fatal shocks, blood in the extreme but sometimes there are scenes in games that are more than exaggerated could be considered unnecessary F.E.A.R 2 In many games the nudes are common but when it is in a horror game it could be said that they are not pleasant for not using another word and that was what happened in FEAR 2 where the protagonist was Alma, the ghost that torments us during all the game.

In the final moments a series of things happen where the player finds it difficult to see that (within the same game) is real or hallucination and in one of these sequences, Alma is on the character that plays the game in a completely naked sexual plan for that soon she is pregnant with an almost sure, monstrous offspring that we have helped to generate. Then you enter the credits with the end of the game and we will be left with the question of whether or not we should pay child support or not, A REAL NIGHTMARE!