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Rust: How To Drive A Minicopter

2021-01-08 07:59:56

You want to know how to drive a Minicopter, well you have come to the right place to tell you about it in Rust.

What to know about Rust?

The exploration becomes somewhat broad in this game, especially if we take into account that the Minicopter has been added for our benefit, which allows us to navigate the map without problems, having a wide visual of the players' bases, the birds, avoid walls and more, then it is ideal that you understand How to drive a Minicopter and this guide will guide us next.

How to drive a Minicopter in Rust?


  In relation to basic controls that, due to defects, allow us to drive the Minicopter, it is necessary to consider that over time is when we will have total control without problem of this and the use of this goes through the following:


  •   To drive on the ground we use Left Ctrl W, A, S, D
  • Holding down the W activates the rotors and takes off
  • Rotors are disabled for landing with the S pressed
  • While we are on the ground it is accelerated with the Mouse Forward
  • While we are in the sky with the mouse back we can slow down
  • The turns are made with the mouse to the left or right
  • With A we turn to the left and with D to the right
  • To see around we hold down the Left Alt mouse
  • We leave the seat with the space
  • For the seat change we use the X


  Finally, now that we know how to drive a Minicopter our Rust fun is increased.

Microsoft Windows PC, Linux, Mac OS X
Facepunch Studios
Steam, Humble Store

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