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Red Dead Redemption 2 and its paranormal phenomena (Part III)

2018-12-02 23:04:59

In the "X files" is not the only place where mythological monsters, extraterrestrials, ghosts and others are gathered in a single place. In Red Dead Redemption 2 there is all that and more so let's join Dutch and go to the wild west to face all this (warned there spoiler) The producer of this successful game (Rockstar) has previously shown an approach to everything that is related to mysteries and the paranormal as you would know if you are a fan of GTA V where UFOs and ghosts were seen to give even more variety and interest to that game. But let's start with Red Dead Redemption and its phenomena The stranger It is a recurring character because in the first Red Dead Redemption can also be seen. The theories about who they are are varied and each one more crazy than the previous one, but what most agree is that it seems to be a kind of ghost. In this installment of Red Dead Redemption 2 if you go to the cabin that is in Kamassa River appear this character on a canvas which as you go forward in the game will also complete the painting at the end of the game and also if you look at the mirror at a specific angle you can also see it as if you were standing in the room

Artificial intelligence In Saint Denis you will meet the inventor Marko Dragicun who will propose you to carry out some secondary missions in which different scientific inventions and very advanced technologies are observed for the time, but perhaps the most striking is a robot with very bad temper and violent artifial intelligence Time travel To the north of Strawberry to be more exact in the surroundings of Lake Owanjila you can contact another scientist who will propose a few search missions to be able to complete a kind of map that is assembled in the scientist's cabin. The striking thing is that taking into account that the game is developed in the era of the wild west in the drawings you will see things of the future such as cities with skyscrapers, the explosion of an atomic bomb and the human genetic map or DNA chain which Do you point out the theory of being a time traveler or do you only have visions? You can only discover this when you complete the search of the drawings and return to the cabin