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Red Dead Online Guide: How To Find Daily Challenges

2019-05-20 18:21:14

The recent update of Red Dead Online is being explosive, as it brought with it new daily challenges. So if you're a fan of this title and want to know where to find the Daily Challenges to earn reward bonuses, read on.

How To Find Daily Challenges

In Daily Dead Red the Daily Challenges aren't so easy to locate, because each button makes a different function. The Daily Challenges menu is located in the player menu, if you've PlayStation 4 or Xbox One you must press Left on the Directional Pad, but be careful not to keep it pressed, as this will open the catalog for you to buy other items while you're moving.

Once the above is done, head down to the Daily Challenges menu. This way you can access the challenges and by completing them you can get great rewards.

We remind you that Red Dead Online is available on the Xbox One and PS4 platforms.

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