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RE Legend: How to Find iron ore - tips and tricks

2019-09-02 19:27:26

Dear readers, this time we will give you some tips and tricks so you can find iron ore in the RE Legend game, for your equipment, weapons between and much more.

One of the most advanced materials in the RE Legend game is iron, so you must complete several missions, so you can improve your battle gear, as well as face some challenging games, so you can tackle all that and much more You need to find iron ore.

How to find / get iron ore in RE Legend

In RE Legend, getting iron is not as fast as we think, it takes time to get it and get it. You may get this iron ore in many places as you progress in the juice, but in the beginning it is very difficult to achieve. The first thing you have to do is get access to the coast map, head west until you reach Pruni Reef, there you will get a small cave, called Pruni Cave.

In this cave you will find iron ore and copper, you can recognize them by their orange color on the map. If you can increase your mining characteristic, you have the option of increasing the amount of iron you get. There are many more places to discover in the game, but with this we can start with good expectations.

This is all we hope we have been helpful so you can find iron ore at the beginning of the RE Legend game, since it is not so easy to get this mineral. Remember that it is a very important mineral to improve your equipment and weapons ...

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