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2019-09-02 18:52:04

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Next we will offer you a couple of tips so you know how to beat the nemesis arrow in Astral Chain.

In Astral Chain the arrow nemesis is one of the escaped legions in history, it really is a more daring adversary that launches highly harmful attacks from the air, but that's not all, because it also uses the sand of nature that has destroyed for his own benefit, on the other hand he likes to work from a certain range, so it is important to face him directly, naturally the chimera launches highly destructive attacks against you, a tip is to continue with him, so that your legion manages to interrupt the way specific to the attack against you.

How to beat the nemesis arrows in Astral Chain?

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First, the space where the battle takes place, consists of several small platforms, so you need to be alert, because the arrows can move quickly and incidentally create some energy walls to try to lock you up and generate a beating with projectiles, to this is necessary, use the attack cut of your legion and if you can cross these walls, joining the bright lines of energy, well, you can not allow the boss to remain still for a long time, because dodge attacks on the platforms It is quite complex, so it is necessary that you run behind the opponent, remember to use your baton weapon, because there you can establish combos, as well as use the slash attack, because this combination will be perfect to cause considerable damage to the arrow.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that the chain jump is an important element when it comes to chasing the nemesis arrows, anyway open your eyes because if you are near the edge of the platforms, these arrows can make you fall, this It may not kill you, but if it takes away much of your health, and that this fight has no ads, because there are no finisher cures, it is therefore important that you collect items of healing items. In this sense, if you keep some pressure, and you manage to cut the walls of energy, you can remain in the face of the legion of arrows, because you take away the advantage that they have at a distance, and follow the strategy so that you can achieve that this Be a simple battle and win.

In short, beating the nemesis arrows is not so complex, as long as you act with caution and with effective attacks on the Astral Chain.

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