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Pokémon Go brings us more action and this offers us the possibility to talk to you about How to get Sylveon, let's see

What is Sylveon in Pokémon Go?

  This is simply an evolution of Eevee, because although it is true this creature has many evolutions, it is pertinent to note that Sylveon is not available yet, but it is planned to be released with the "Celebration of Kalos", since specifically Sylveon is a creature of type Which makes it quite strange, it is not the first time that we will be able to observe it because it was seen in versions X and Y that were precisely directed in the Kalos region.

How to get Sylveon in Pokémon Go?

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    Everything seems to indicate that this creature is usually located on the horizon, for the date it is not available in the game, because, when loading the screen we cannot see it, however, you have to wait a bit and wait for the celebration to be launched so that We can choose to see the evolution, because there is not much time left, so for now we continue working on other activities, and we will look forward to their arrival, in this sense some expectations have arisen in relation to this Pokemon:

    •  There are those who affirm that precisely Eevee can become one of our best friends this in order to evolve it.
    • Either way, getting an Eevee to become Sylveon is usually based on friendship.
    • There is the possibility of buying some poffins in the game store, as this could help us to achieve this evolution.

     In this sense, knowing How to get Sylveon allows us to embark on the possibility of forging a bond of friendship, as it should not be a very complex task in Pokémon Go if we put some effort and dedication, good luck !.

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