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The action does not stop at New World, so today we are going to explain how to get a duel.

What to know about the duel in New World?

It is a system that allows 5 players to be added on each side, taking into account the possibility of a duel, we have that it is one of the confrontation options without depending on the force as a whole, which leads to notice the skills of each player, now to know how to achieve it we must consider the details in this guide below.
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    How to get a duel in New World?

    What we will do first to reach a duel is to form a group, certainly a single player has the possibility of starting a duel against a group of at least two players, so considering this, we must put the cursor on the player we want to face , we will notice that an H is presented to press to get to the menu, here we choose a duel of players and that the other player accepts it, we will be notified that the duel has started, apart from that if the invitation is not accepted we will also be informed.

    It is appropriate to count on having surpassed level 10 without problems before looking for a duel, otherwise we must continue progressing through the missions until reaching said level, apart from that we can designate a player for a solo duel in that option, which we will be without groups in 1v1.

      It is clear that knowing how to get a duel allows us to have more fun in New World.

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