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Next we are going to tell you everything you need about where to find mushrooms in Mr. Prepper, so pay attention.

What are mushrooms in Mr. Prepper for?

It is an element that you will have to get if you want to be able to start preparing cocktails. Specifically, you will have to access them when you meet The Herbalist, one of the first ambitious NPCs you will meet. She will ask you to save her house from a pack of wandering wolves, then ask you to bring her some mushrooms so she can start making cocktails that will help cure your sleep problems. And considering that sleep is one of the many things you need to monitor to stay alive, it will be important to know where to find mushrooms.

Where to find mushrooms in Mr. Prepper?

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    Mushrooms grow in dark areas, so you will have to head to the mines to find them. When you get to the mine you will have to use the elevator and find an access card to enter the second level of the mine.

    Repair the elevator using some metal to be able to use it and if you don't have it, you can change it in the mailbox outside your base of operations.

    When repairing the elevator, you can find the access card on the second level, at the bottom of the entrance area. But while going down the elevator, we recommend paying attention to the mine and setting your route carefully.

    Make sure you bring a bat to deal with the bats.

    When you have the access card you will have to go to the second level to find the shiny mushrooms on the floor of the mine, collect all you need using your bat to protect yourself from the bats.

    Bring the mushrooms to The Herbalist for your prize, although she's not ready to give you new concoctions yet.

     Now that you know where to find mushrooms in Mr. Prepper, we hope you can find it easily and get the most out of each potion.

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