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Minecraft: How to ride a pig - tips and tricks

2019-08-15 18:54:31

This time we will help you how to ride a pig in Minecraft, tips and tricks to do it.

What should I have to ride a pig in Minecraft?

The ideal you should have if you find a saddle, if you get to ride a pig you will have a prize called when pigs fly in Minecraft. The chair will help you to control the animal, you also need a fishing rod and a carrot, by combining them you create a carrot on a stick, with this being in the saddle you will attract the pig wherever you want him to go.

How to ride a pig in Minecraft?

When you start riding the pig the speed is slow but will increase with the step, at the moment you should not jump, you can climb many stairs, it does not cross the doors but if the water falls it will not be able to move, with the button you can improve when driving activating the turbo but it is important that the carrot is long lasting. If you fall from a height when you are riding the pig it will not affect your health, the time in which you will be riding the pig is in the duration of the carrot since it is being eaten, the thing is that in the end you must tie it so that Don't escape with the chair.

The detailed explanation of how to ride a pig in Minecraft is finished, you must consider these steps to perform it correctly.