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Layers of Fear 2: Movie Posters – Where to Find Collectibles

2019-05-28 20:31:21

If you could not pick up a movie poster in Layers of Fear 2 on time, do not worry, Layers of Fear 2 allows you to play each Law again and separately to get any movie poster that you have not been able to collect. But this is only activated at the end of the game.

You must keep in mind that none of the movie posters will be saved if you've not saved the progress in a control point, so we recommend you not to die, at least not to die until you find the point unless you want to lose all the objects that you've achieved and have to start again.

The collectible object tracker to unlock the trophy is only updated when you return to the cabin. This is the reason why you must finish the Minute for which you're playing.

If by bad luck in life, you get to die without having reached the control point and lose everything you had achieved, you can get back a little faster than before with our guide in which we tell you the location of all the posters cinema


Where to get the movie posters and collectibles.

Film posters of Act 1, Disassembly.

1. Remember it.

To be able to find this movie poster you'll have to go to the stage's rotating platform, there you'll have to place a high chair on the stage, crouch through an opening to reach the second turntable, and climb the stairs to find the poster of cinema on the right side.

2. Double shadows.

This movie poster is in the office, after the first two spotlights, on the sofa.

3. Twelfth night.

This is the last movie poster of Act 1 and it's under the stage you will have to duck to enter. The poster will be on your left, right next to a door.

Act 2, The Hunt.

4. Hamlet.

Being in act 2, when you find the iron mannequin lying on the bed, you will find a corridor full of spotlights.

There you will see a door that has a combination lock, to open it you will have to enter the next room and interact with the slates to get the combination. Open the combination lock and deactivate the smoke that comes out of the pipe, as this will reveal a walkway. Keep walking down this road until you see the sign hanging on a wall.

5. The Night Friend.

You can see the movie poster of Layers of Fear 2, after seeing that the shadow of a child is reflected in the wall of this Law, walk to the child and interact with the door on the left, enter and go to the room more away, enter and you will see the sign on the right side when entering.

6. Mechanopolis.

This is in the junkyard, enter and right on the right side is a room where this sign is hanging on a wall.

Act 3, Bloody roots.

7. The pirate prince and the king Cyclops.

This sign is in the house, in one of the rooms that does not need a key.

8. Wondrous Voyage.

This will be in the basement, after collecting the mannequin heads, and hiding in the chest, open the chest twice and there will be the poster.

9. The storm.

He is in the room with the dead guy sitting in the wheelchair, at the air vent.

Act 4, Breathe.

10. The judgment of a martyr.

In act 4, when you reach the kitchen, one of the supports so that the door where this movie poster is visible.

11. Shizo.

This is down the stairs in the white corridors, next to the gray curtains.

12. King Lear.

next to a mannequin behind the curtains after looking at the drawing with the black drip.

Law 5, forever.

13. The following poster is of a blue and white mannequin on a black background that is in the elevator area before going up, you'll see it on the right side.

14. The next one will be where you hear shots, There will be a door on the right that can be opened by turning the crank. The poster will be on the wall.

15. And the last one in the area with the floating lemons, inside the room.

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