Hector Mirabal
2019-05-27 17:35:04

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Layers of Fear 2 is characterized by being a horror video game in first person, in which you must solve many puzzles to be able to advance in the story. Among them the lock in the room with the pirate patch on display, one of the first stops you will make in the game. If you've difficulty in this point, continue reading, because in this opportunity we'll show you what is the combination of the lock and how to find it.

While you're heading to the dark room with the pirate eye patch on the right, you can pick it up to listen to the dialogue of the story. Then try to escape quickly as part of the roof will fall on you. Leaving only one exit, the door with padlock.

When you find yourself trapped in this room you'll need a three-digit combination to get through the door, however, getting the clues in the room will not be easy, so we advise you to be very observant.

If you're looking at the combination lock, look up and you will see from where the ceiling fell a code: 660, just align the correct numbers with the arrows on the padlock and in this way you will have solved the riddle.

We hope these tricks have been very useful for you.

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