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Koikatsu Party - Get the Game Uncensored

2019-06-17 22:24:50

We have prepared a guide on Koikatsu Party in which we will tell you how to get the game without censorship. We hope you know at least what the game implies without censorship.

Files of Koikatsu Party for the game without censorship.

The first Koikatsu Party file you need to download to have the game uncensored is the latest version of BepInEx. Go to the BepInEx website to get it. Check that the folder corresponds to your operating system, x64 for 64 bits and x86 for 32 bits.

After downloading, you will have to drag and drop it into the Koikatsu Party installation folder at: Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Koikatsu Party.

Patch of the game without censorship.

Here you will have to unzip the IPA folder and take it to the Koikatsu Party installation folder. Then you will have to bring the game executable called Koikatsu Party.exe, to the IPA executable. Do not worry if you see a black box blinking on the screen, you should also be able to see some folders on the desktop. Unzip the kPlug folder and take it to the installation directory. Put Yes to all the superscripts, navigate the mod folder to BepInEx / IPA / KoikPlugins.dll Copy this file to your Steam folder and drop it there: Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Koikatsu Party \ Plugins.

Then read the features in kPlugManual found in: Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Koikatsu Party \ kPlugManual.

When starting, press F9 to recover the overlay and press control + numeric keypad 0 to return to the normal camera. Press F9 to go back and Shift to the first person mode.

If the game sends you an infinite load screen, it is an error, but you can solve it by pressing the Right Alt key + Left Shift key + Q, to save your data and exit Koikatsu Party without losing them. Ready, game without censorship got.