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In Europe with a record tally that Sony has celebrated 5 years of PS4.

2018-12-02 23:00:19

On November 29, 2013, after two weeks PS4 introduced the US market. A video that shows different and original titles and Sony celebrates it standing out with a repertoire of catalogs: 46 million Thunderjaws have been hunted on Horizon: Zero Dawn. • 2 million "one in one" has been achieved in Everybody's Golf. • 1.7 million hours (194 years) accumulated in the Wipeout Omega Collection. • With the tour in Gran Turismo Sport, 260,000 laps could be given to the Earth. • 630,000 players have won the platinum trophy in Bloodborne. • 1 million contracts have been signed in Firewall: Zero Hour. • 18 million enemies have been defeated in Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. • The fish of Detroit has been saved: Become Human 4 million times. • 1.4 million players have fully upgraded the God of War Leviathan ax • Almost 1 million players have achieved all the relics of Uncharted 4

We remember these five years of the console. Making a special report, and present a catalog of games and highlights during this time.