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Impossible that This War of Mine has sequel

2018-12-02 22:59:53

The information of those responsible who say they do not want to play more games with concepts of war impresses his followers "I think that making a war game happens only once in a lifetime" comments Pawel Miechowski (main scriptwriter) in an interview with 3DJuegos made during the launch of This War of Mine on Nintendo Switch. With this video game, they confirm that everything they had to offer about the war has been completed: "I can not imagine doing This War of Mine 2. More suffering? We have to be serious". Tomasz Tomaszewski (responsible for the version of Switch), he said assuring that making a sequel to the versions of the war games would be like telling the same thing twice in a row

The creators of 11 bit Studios commented that the game was created by an interview conducted about the Bosnian war. The experiences of their own ancestors led them to design the stories that are told within This War of Mine, an "anti-war" video game (as they themselves defend) that they have tried to do with the utmost respect towards those who suffer the impact of the war conflicts: "We have not needed to show gore or terrorize the users to show that the war is cruel, we did not put up barriers, but we have to try to be respectful, we have shown the wickedness of the human being, but without being explicit", comments Mieshowski To learn more about the game, you can consult the analysis of This War of Mine, or read the full interview in our special report on War in video games: between fun and reflection.