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How to Get Leafeon in Pokemon GO

2019-05-20 15:56:49

The arrival of Pokémon Gen 4 this May to Pokémon GO has been one of the best things that Pokemon GO players have been able to receive, adding the evolution of Eevee along with the launch of Glaceon and Leafeon and the new Lure modules that They include the Glacial Lure module, the Magnetic Lure module and the Mossy Lure Module, which have arrived on Pokemon GO as part of the most recent videogame update.

If you're one of the players that wants to get to Leafeon, you will have to fix your eyes on the Mossy Lure Module which you can get by buying it in the Pokemon GO store.

LEAFEON & GLACEON NAME TRICK! - How to get Leafeon

You need to get the Mossy Lure Module to get Leafeon

For a price of 200 coins, the Mossy Lure Module can be yours. Pokemon GO coins can be obtained in two ways, either buying them using real money or protecting a gym for 4 consecutive days and accumulating the reward in coins you receive while doing so until you finally get the 200 you need.

After getting the 200 coins and having purchased the Mossy Lure Module in the store, to evolve from Eevee to Leafeon, you'll have to go to any PokeStop and add it to the Mossy Lure Module.

This will attract Pokémon belonging to the type insect, grass and poison to the area, but it'll also make it possible for Eevee to become Leafeon.

Maintain the PokeStop spin range

Try to stay out of PokeStop's spin range, but if you find yourself inside for some reason, show Eevee in your game and then select to evolve it while the Mossy Lure Module is active.

So that there is no mistake, have 25 Eevee candies with you.

You can also evolve from Eevee to Leafeon by changing the name, but you should bear in mind that this method will only work the first time it's done.