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GTA Online: How To Start First loose Cheng Casino Mission

2019-07-23 21:41:14

 Time after its launch, it is still a favorite, so today we will tell you to start the first mission of the GTA Online Cheng casino.

It has been almost six years since the star of the most iconic open-world videogame of all time was released, however, it remains one of the favorite video games of many users among which we include ourselves. Despite the time the video game has still got updates and a lot of new and interesting things.

What's new at Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online.

Recently a new series of missions have been added to the Casino, however, many of the players have been wondering how to start them, which is why we have prepared a guide in which we will tell you how to start the first mission of the Cheng casino.

The cause of this problem is due to the fact that recently the game servers have been experiencing problems that have prevented the start of the missions. Fortunately we have found an alternative to solve this.

How to start the first mission of the Cheng casino in GTA Online.

The first thing you need to do to start the first mission of the Cheng casino is to buy the VIP membership by going to some of the casino's PentHouses, buy it and go up to it to see a scene in which several characters intervene, including Mrs. Baker who will call you a few minutes after the scene ends.

After you receive the call you can go to the casino, in the administration area, so that the AB icon appears with the new missions of GTA Online.

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