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GTA Online: How to Complete Diamond Casino Heist - Tips and tricks

2019-12-26 11:09:11

We are back for GTA Online this time with an interesting guide on how to complete Diamond Casino Heist

  This is a game that remains quite moved and it is here that we are presented with a new mission that aims to know How to complete Diamond Casino Heist, she is part of the Diamond Casino and Resort update, making it the most complex robbery with the that we have found, but more interesting at the same time, because it presents us with certain ways to get money in GTA Online.

Why buy an Arcade to complete Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online?

  Buying an arcade is one of the first things we need to do, and this is achieved when talking with Lester in Mirror Park, there are 6 retro arcades available but we only need one, they usually appear on the map, for this we can make use of the page Maze Bank Foreclosures store website on your mobile, as this is the place where we can buy one of the game rooms.

How to prepare the heist of the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online?

 This is the second step that we take before proceeding to fulfill our objective How to complete Diamond Casino Heist, because if we want things to go well it is important to plan them well, so preparing the robbery should be a well thought out matter, as we already have the game room working, we will enter the underground base of Lester with the objective of obtaining 3 blackboards, which are important to carry out our robbery, since they represent the following stages of the execution of the robbery, being the first blackboard the that we dedicate to organizing our robbery because there we will see the “To Do” list, in the corner of the right part above, in reality this is a series of actions to execute before carrying out our plans, these are the blackboards:

  •  ü The assembly.
  • ü The preparation.
  • ü Heist.


First task - casino Scope Out.

 This is the first tare and here the ideal is to make things easy to do, and for this it is important to buy a couple of very interesting elements, they are intelligence elements, whose purpose is to help us get safe points of entry to the casino , And they are:

  •  ü Casino model that has a value of $ 130,000
  • ü Door security worth $ 425,000


These 2 elements are important to enter, once we arrive at the casino it is necessary to go through the contents of the vault, but to look for it it is necessary to have 4 other elements, the detail of this is that we can only choose one option, I would advise diamonds, since its value passes 3 million dollars, here all we will do is get the box of what we are looking for and mark it on the board at GTA Online.


  •  ü Cash, whose value is $ 2,115,000
  • ü Artwork: whose value is $ 2,350,000
  • ü Gold whose value is $ 2,585,000
  • ü Diamonds whose value is $ 3,290,000.


 Second task: select the approach: this is the second and final task that we perform in this second that is part of knowing how to complete Diamond Casino Heist, for this it is necessary to make use of 1 of the 3 approaches and choose one, the one that best adapt to us and they are:

  •  ü Aggressive: offers a robbery with firearms.
  • ü Silent and elusive: it is executed through a stealth plan.
  • ü The Great Scam: for her it is necessary to make use of costumes and some tricks.


 How to prepare the Diamond Casino Heist robbery in GTA Online?


 Preparing the robbery is the third step that we will carry out in this mission, here it is important to invest a good amount of time and a considerable sum of money, because we need to incorporate all the necessary equipment and clothing.

 In the support team we are presented with the possibility of having 3 possible crew members to execute the robbery and these are the ideals:

  •  ü Driver.
  • ü Gunman
  • ü Hacker.

Skills are a fundamental factor, so it is important to choose crew whose purpose is to have high skills, an expert level crewman is excellent, in addition each of them can take 9 percent of the profits from the robbery, many would say that it is a lot Money to give away, but, we will not only have money, because in our goal there are also the vehicles and weapons during the robbery which usually compensate it, since these are part of the necessary details to know how to complete Diamond Casino Heist.

 Choosing the ideal team is not the only thing we will do, since with it we will start 6 missions to prepare for our objective in GTA Online, where we will steal some vital objects and they are:

  •  ü Unmarked weapons.
  • ü Load rifles.
  • ü Classic of the Sultan.
  • ü Exit costume.
  • ü Entrance costume.
  • ü Rope gear.
  • ü Gruppe Sechs.
  • ü Exhaust vehicles.


 A quite favorable point here is the possibility of improving vehicles, as we have the option of acquiring bulletproof tires that help us escape much more easily, worth $ 25,000.

How to start the heist of the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online?

 To start the robbery it is important to know how to complete Diamond Casino Heist, so choose a buyer, because with it we can get additional help on the third board, it is important to be clear that they have low, medium and high level, normal is that we choose a high level one, as they tend to offer more money, it is also essential to buy a clean vehicle, as well as a decoy for gunmen, this costs around $ 50,000, from there we will begin our mission using the Gruppe Sechs entrance costume and the Great Scam approach, using an armored truck, so that knowing how to complete Diamond Casino Heist really becomes an interesting event.

How to overcome the heist of the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online?

 Knowing How to complete Diamond Casino Heist is really a very striking task, so we are going to give you some details of how to overcome the entire robbery in a simple way.

  •  ü It is important to enter through the underground garage of the casino
  • ü Take the elevator so that we can comfortably reach the vault.
  • ü It is necessary to pass in front of the guards without killing them.
  • ü It is required to use the card of the vault.
  • ü We must let the casino worker open the vault.
  • ü We need to get the loot.
  • ü We must leave the floor of the vault using the stairs.
  • ü A fundamental element is to change the costume in the changing rooms.
  • ü To leave the casino we can use the staff door.
  • ü Outside the casino we will have to safely deliver the contents of the vault to the buyer.

How to complete Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online?

 Every activity has its beginning and end, in this case this mission is carried out in the middle of several secondary activities, so knowing how to complete Diamond Casino Heist is interesting, and very moved, because when we are in the final stage of our objective, we find that a helicopter is chasing us, so it is ideal to use the clean vehicle we buy, but if we have not done so, it is necessary to steal a vehicle, because if we are chased by police, we must expand the imagination a bit and go through the underground sewer, for this it is important to make use of the marker that is on the map, as it takes us directly to the location of the buyer in GTA Online, with this the mission can be closed with a cut scene, so that we can Receive our money reward.

We can conclude that knowing How to complete Diamond Casino Heist is a very busy and interesting activity that we will do for GTA Online.
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