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GreedFall: How To Craft Ammo, Potions and more

2019-09-10 22:07:22

Find out everything about Craft Ammo, Potions and much more in GreedFall. More details here.

GreedFall allows you to buy both ammunition, as potions, through a seller, although you may also create them yourself. We take care of this last option to teach you, so if you want to create ammunition, potions, then continue reading.

How to Craft Ammo, Potions in GreedFall?

GreedFall offers three different consumable levels. Where each level of talent in Science you buy gives you access to a new level of potions. In addition, the Science talent of this game allows you to use explosives that are capable of traversing weak parts of the walls, giving you a nice advantage.

Ammunition for firearms

To create these ammunitions you will need to reach level two of Science, since at level one, you can make health potions which are essential for any character.

Create fuels

As for the creation of consumables, you will have to find a workbench, either in the cities, camps or in their residences in the different cities. Go to the workbench and interact with it and go to the consumables tab.

Once there, you will have to go down to the element you plan to create, but first make sure you have the level of science and ingredients needed to create the article.

It is worth mentioning that you can find resources in trees, chests, boxes, shrubs, and even in the bodies of monsters to Craft Ammo, Potions in GreedFall.

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