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Google 'Confirms' Gaming Console Launch

2019-03-13 15:35:36

Confirmed the launch of the Google Gaming Console ?

Recently Google was about to confirm the launch of the gaming console developed by the company, well not exactly, but confirmed that a video game was in development. Although he did not mention any console, there is evidence of a potential release of a new console, which we will tell you next.

Google — GDC 2019 Teaser

Google’s latest teaser points to March 19 Gaming console launch

For more than a year, rumors have been floating about the launch of a crazy and ambitious piece of game hardware. It is known that Google has already had at least one mistake with a previous project which was terminated, the reasons were not disclosed.

Due to the silence of the company on a new console, it is not known what are the differences of this possible new console with respect to the project written off in the past, much less its availability in the market.

What is more certain is that this piece of hardware is probably aimed at the US market as is customary in the company.

We recently got to know a teaser published by Google in which he reinforces his desire to be at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Keep in mind that version 2019 of GDC is held at the Moscone Center from Monday to Saturday, from March 18 to 23. However, we still do not know much about the GDC, but they also call the public to be attentive to what's new.

The message is also part of a web address that leads to a page that serves as an extension of the teaser and is part of the Google Store, but the company had never used it for anything that was not a hardware product, it also does the function of information sheet about news of videogames of the company.

The presence in Google Store, is a strong evidence that the company is preparing the launch of a new piece of gaming hardware and not just a software service. In addition, it also indicates that the new part will be available to make early orders at the time.

It was thought that the launch of the new GDC was directed exclusively for Project Stream.

The fact is that the expectation, rumors and evidence of the release of the Google gaming console continue to become increasingly strong.

For its part, the company continues fine-tuning details for the launch of a new product next week and will be broadcast in a live event and said to be based on the "new way of playing", draw their own conclusions from here until now of the event.

A patent approved by the USPTO, proposed the creation of a new controller with a rather rare design, which would be designed for a console developed by Google, which makes the possible new piece of the company stronger and more convincing.