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God Eater 3 Best Weapons List: Wichs Is Best?

2019-07-22 17:55:13

In this opportunity we have prepared a great list for you to find the best weapons in the game God Eater 3.

First let's clarify that God Eater 3 is a game of nintendo, the same can be played on other consoles as it is the case of PS4 or PC only that these specifically visualize the sacrificed graphics, of course, that does not leave out the cool pictures and in a very fluid way, besides the fact of including multiplayer games.

If you are one of the players who experience this game for the first time, here in this post we will show you what it offers in terms of the usefulness and style of the game, for example it has weapons and each of them is totally feasible for all The sectors of the game, there are large groups that range from simple and easy to some complex enough, so let's see below the list of the best weapons available in God Eater 3.

The best weapons in God Eater 3

The short blade: one of the best weapons in God Eater 3

The short blade is a spectacular weapon for absolutely all players, since it is easy to learn to handle it with total mastery, as it is simple it gives us a very good utility in the air, since to keep moving is a constant in the game .

Getting this weapon allows you to achieve the Air Dash skill that consists of some invisibility frames in God Eater 3, so a total attack of 90 with 45 of sunder and 4 of damage of perforation this weapon manages to do everything, therefore if you are a beginner this is one of the best weapons to use, in turn Rising Edge can be done by pressing R + And it will move the uppercut bar which changes the momentum from the ground and get a combat in the air also serves to cause state ailments in the game God Eater 3.

Variant Scythe: one of the best weapons in God Eater 3

The scythe variant is a weapon of wide range in terms of attacks in a horizontal manner, which makes it very useful against adversaries that can move quickly and obviously with other weapons will be difficult to attack. The ability of this weapon is to extend bite, which eliminates resistance from the enemy, likewise it is very useful for the players according to each need, since round fang increases the damage caused, and in turn swings restore the OP or hit X which generates a very big and thunderous attack by vertical fang that can simply generate hits from the ground in God Eater 3, according to the range and spectacular speed, this weapon can also be of great help for beginners, Of course, this does not mean that it can be an excellent option throughout the game.

Long blade -  best weapons in God Eater 3

First adapt to the use of this weapon may take some time, since your character must slide in the attacks and the game should be somewhat advanced, once you get it completely is very good, because it gives you great alternatives of rank to fight against your opponents because you can attack from a distance where you are safe and according to the length of the long blade and the speed it has, because it can cause a lot of damage with a sunder of 110 which implies that this weapon be a great alternative against any opponent, its main skill is the zero posture, which rules out the backswing of your attacks and with it generate an immediate explosion of very little reach, then you will have to hit the opponent and in this way restore the resistance in God Eater 3?

Charge Spear: one of the best weapons in God Eater 3

The loading lance is a very effective weapon, especially for players who want to move quickly to cause accurate shots and go to a place where they can be calm. The charge glide is usable both on the ground and in the air because it generates a unique movement and this is the backflp, which allows you to sneak away quickly from danger and has more effectiveness than moving backwards or to some side, on the other hand, players you can usually use this weapon a few times, tend to do it when a new opponent is generating problems, this is a type of game where it is important to learn and know your opponent's attacks, which will help you to deal with it more easily, so charge spear It gives you the opportunity to experience in God Eater 3.

Biting Edge - one of the best weapons in God Eater 3

Our first weapon is a bit simple and mixed, eye, is or not it is very useful as we saw in the tutorial missions, this weapon offers double-hilt attacks and if we manage to combine the Glaive will be born who is mainly responsible to generate a number of different attacks whose purpose is to increase the damage in a substantial way and in a general way, what it does. that is a practical combo with a limit to make changes between the positions and the gradual recovery of resistance. Keep in mind that you are facing a slightly stronger game style, so you should plan very well how to adapt the resistance, because this is a strong weapon, and if you do not take into account all the previous points it will not help because only you would be wasting it, this makes the biting edge an advanced weapon and you must acquire it to be able to dominate it, also, once you get more or less about 20 hits in this mode, you should receive an increase of damage which you will be indicated with a red glow, so check the pros and cons about whether or not this weapon is for them, because generally some will want the boost but on the other hand others prefer weapons that have consistency throughout the game.

Heavy Moon - one of the best weapons in God Eater 3

It is perhaps the heavy moon the favorite weapon for some players of God Eater 3, because it shows us like a hybrid, first you must take into account that this is not a weapon for beginners because it gives us three different ways to choose and these are Chakram, Ax and Saw.

For its part, the chakram form gives us fast bar attacks which are perfect if what we have is a fast commitment. In another sense the Ax form generates a combination between bar and crush attacks and whose effect is to add to the OP indicator which makes it reach a minimum of 150 OP, this attack can be released with R + Y and then press the triangle without any resistance cost and to finish the form saw delivers a raging moom attack which increases the duration which simulates an attack is extremely strong chain saw.

Heavy Moon is a fantastic weapon that is very nice, but we put it at the end of this list simply because it is not one that a newer player should take. On a side note, this weapon wins the unofficial prize for: "Makes your character's body move and bend in ways that look directly from Looney Toons

The heavy moon is a great weapon, but it was placed at the end of the list because it is simply not a weapon for a novice player, this weapon makes the character move and be bent in a way that we can observe only in looney toons, being this forms an unofficial prize in God Eater 3.

Boost Hammer - best weapons in God Eater 3

The boost hammer has much resemblance to the destructive sword, because once you get to know the movements of the weapon you will notice that it is extremely useful, in this case the players should be aware of Aragami to cause damage, because it is probably this place much real danger for novice players who do not know with what kind of attack the opponent could come, the ability that has the boost hammer is called boost ignition and is presented in a way that can rotate forward along the board attack, of course can also be used stationary, eye, because this is not a weapon for beginners, only for advanced players in God Eater 3.

so we conclude our list of the best weapons of God Eater 3.