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Gears 5: How to Change Difficulty - tips and tricks

2019-09-06 15:56:23

Let's take the steps to follow so you know how to change difficulty throughout the game Gears 5.

When you are walking through the Gears campaign, it becomes a bit complicated to move forward or you may find that it tends to be simple, so you may want to discover how you can change difficulty in the game.

How to change difficulty in Gears 5?

Before you fully enter the game campaign, you have the alternative of choosing a way to change difficulty, and these are the settings, beginner, intermediate, experienced and insane, these options are at your full availability since you start the game.

One way to change the difficulty is by selecting it in the tab, which is located in the corner below the screen, near where is the option to start the game.

On the other hand, the difficulty in the game can also be changed in the course of the game, for this you need to press the menu button, select the options menu and then select the submenu, because in this part you will get the option you need to change difficulty and this is located at the top of the list, however, you should be clear that, when you change the configuration from insane to the easiest level, because the achievements that are related to that difficulty will simply be blocked.

We can conclude that changing the difficulty in Gears 5 is simple, only that it is important to realize that we are not going backwards because it will affect us, so a tip would be to start from the beginning with the difficulty you consider to be more feasible.

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