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Fortnite season 8: Flintlock Gun the new Great Weapon

2019-03-14 13:10:06

A pirate with the new Flintlock gun from Fortnite.

Recently the new patch of Fortnite was launched, which among several additions we have the Baller, a new hamster vehicle with a suction cup with which you can turn around the map like a certain hero Overwatch which has been added recently.

But that is not the object we want to deal with, the analyst @HYPEX discovered that the files on the patch contained the Fortnite Flintlock gun.

Fortnite - Season 8 Battle Pass Overview Official Trailer

Leak Reveals Fortnite's Next New Weapon Is The Flintlock Gun

An army that fits perfectly with the temática of the Fortnite season 8, además of being the first one that lo hace.

The screen of cargo has also managed to reveal new items like the Baller and the Treasure Map, there now to third, the Flintlock Gun.

A fourth new element with which we could meet in the new parchel, is the arc that sustains Ember, which we could find in the coming days.

Fortnite Season 8 The Gun Flintlock seems to revolve vaulted, but the safest thing is that it's just that, it seems, but maybe it does not work the same.

Fortnite The pistol Flintlock was used in the year 1600, at the moment of armor of short shot and of a disappeared one, perfect for the moment in which the pirates began to be some ship and to finish with who crossed in front of them.

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Similar to a stir and a "sniper rifle", but do not get confused, we say it only because you have to reload it after each shot. However, the new gun could inflict a high degree of damage over short distances.

It would not be strange either that Epic changed the nature of the weapons if they really wanted it and had it shoot several times.

We could have the Flintlock on our screens next week, if so we would have to wait a little longer for the bow, if it comes to the ring as well.

Something to keep in mind is that with this new weapon players will have to perfect their skills by only having a shot that produces high damage with this gun.